" I like people who are still actively creating in their life, who aren't set, I don't feel like I'm set. And I don't have any baggage, for better or worse. I don't have any plants or pets or kids. I can lock the door and go. I need to be with somebody for whom that's okay.

" If you put Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson and James Woods in a room together, there wouldn't be room for anyone else.

" I think I would make a good spy. I can sort of be a chameleon. People don't notice me very easily. I never get recognized.
I can't sew on a button. But I mix a mean drink & I'm good in bed. It all evens out, right?
Dana Delany
" I try to take chances and challenge myself.

" Halloween & New Year's are busman's holidays for me. I wear costumes & drink every day.

" I think I have found everything possible to do on my iPad, except get out of bed. I know it's there somewhere.
Everybody poops.
Dana Delany
" I think I would be a good nurse. Which is odd, because I'm caring, but not nurturing.

" I learned when I was doing China Beach from the women who had been nurses in Vietnam that they really were so selfless, and I never really believed that before. As an actor, you're taught to look for people's personal motivation, and they didn't have any. They were there for the boys. And it really was about serving for other people. And I think that's beautiful. It's something I aspire to.

" I believe we are put on this earth to be of service. It's how I find meaning in my life. And it's fun!
When someone says "with all due respect" that means they think you're an idiot.
Dana Delany
" I love being on stage or in front of the camera. My work brings me a lot of joy. It helps me figure out who I am. I'm really lucky that I get to make a living at acting.

" I'm the worst rider. I'm a terrible rider. Me and horses are not a good mix. For some reason, people are always trying to get me on a horse in a movie.

" It was always very important to me not to be defined by a man.
Nothing better than a fart joke. Unless it's a penis joke.
Dana Delany
" Just walked into a fart on Christopher St. But that's the olfactory beauty of NYC. A surprise on every corner.

" I think that everyone has their own path. Mine is to explore roles that interest me emotionally and that challenge me. Other people are more interested in recognition. That's secondary to me.

" Just saw a middle aged couple holding hands & gazing into each other's eyes at a bar. All I could think of was a Cialis commercial.
I have faith in my imperfections!
Dana Delany
" So I walked around the entire beautiful day in NYC without realizing I had yesterday's G-string stuck in my jeans behind my knee. You never know when you might need an extra one...

" Life is like Words With Friends. Sometimes you're focusing on one play and you miss a much better one. But the game keeps moving.

" I usually watch my movies once only and then maybe ten years later and say «hey, that wasn't so bad».
My reaction to almost everything I read these days is, "Oh, for fuck's sake."
Dana Delany
" Apologies are an act of self-love. Not only does the other person feel better, but so do you.

" I'm the person who squeezes out the last drop of toothpaste.

" I like to do things that scare me.
My availability as a human has often been mistaken for my availability as a woman. And that is woefully missing out on something greater.
Dana Delany
" I would rather hear men talk about being fathers of sons & raising them to treat girls with respect, mutuality & kindness.

" Fun trick: walk down the hall at your hotel and change all the "Do Not Disturb" signs to "Service Please." Ha!

" I don't like that "bad actors" has become a political term. We have enough slights on our profession.
I shudder to think of the things I've said to myself while miked in a toilet.
Dana Delany
" When you take a positive step, nature supports you & magic is revealed. True.

" One of the side effects of the internet is that we are ALL public now even though it feels private.

" Love traveling. Hate packing. At least with unpacking there's only 3 choices: laundry, dry cleaners or closet.
Art is whatever resonates for you in an unspoken place.
Dana Delany
" My dental hygienist told me I needed to let the Sonicare toothbrush vibrate against my gums. Wow. #Oralgasm

" I'm not sure which would be a greater honor: the People's Choice Award or Best Celebrity Legs...hmmmm...I think my legs can stand on their own. HA.

" Good actors are terrible liars. We have to tell the truth.
#1 rule: take nothing personally. It's never about you.
Dana Delany
" People who fart & walk away, leaving you in their wake are the worst.

" I am incapable of doing work that I don't care about.

" I am loving studying French online. It's like playing a video game but you can tell yourself you're learning something. Also, my French is so much better with a little rosé. I do funny voices.
Sometimes you succeed in the next job, because of the job you didn't get.
Dana Delany
" Does anyone else own brassieres in 4 different sizes? My boobs have a life of their own.

" I just ate 8 month old sheep's milk yogurt. Not bad. If I don't make it to tomorrow, you'll know why.

" Why yes, I am having cold pizza for breakfast. And loving every minute.
Asking me to do something over & over is not the best way to get a result. Once will do. Maybe twice.
Dana Delany
" I think I lost a few followers with the penis jokes. Wait til I start on the fart jokes!

" I just told a stranger to fuck off. I must be back in good ol' NYC!

" I think I walked into 5 farts today. NYers are so generous.
Everybody's got a box of rocks they carry. I choose to see people's humanity.
Dana Delany
" I'm trying this thing where I take a walk instead of a nap. So now I'm sleepwalking.

" When I look back, 73% of my life will have been spent deleting emails.

" You know you're enlightened (old) when you have no interest in looking at hacked nude photos.
Good thing my great grandfather didn't flush himself down the toilet.
Dana Delany
" Life likes those that like life.

" The sound of wind in trees is so beautifully sad, it makes me happy.

" Be kind, don't whine.
I am the loner that loves community.
Dana Delany
" I just thought I heard someone out in the street yelling "Danaaaaaa"! It was FedEx.

" Went to an exquisite wedding this weekend. Everyone should wait to get married until after 50. Also solves the population problem...

" The great summer camp scam = get rid of your kids for 2 months.
Acting is like making love. If you force it, you won't come.
Dana Delany
" 3:30am earthquake. Me:"Am I supposed to go under the bed or next to it? Ah, f*ck it."

" 1st law of filming: the AD will knock on your trailer door only when you're sitting on the toilet.

" My new motto: Purr more, hiss less.
Why do children on recess in schoolyards sound like they're being murdered?
Dana Delany
" Nothing like a colonoscopy to start your day.

" I think my fate is to write my life story in bed. Like Louise Brooks & Proust.

" Tragedy, I ran out of rosé and must tweet with red.
I used to paint but now I only act. Sounds like a liquor ad.
Dana Delany
" I had to change my age setting on my treadmill. Now I really know I'm older.

" That's what makes us all interesting: our imperfections.

" More people seem to follow me when I don't tweet...interesting.
We all have things we don't like about our appearance. But sometimes they're what make us unique.
Dana Delany
" Why do I dislike being called "dear?" It feels condescending, or like I'm in a Robert Anderson play.

" I yelled at a driver today: "hands free" who was holding her phone. She yelled: "f*ck you." Succinct.

" When I start laughing, my eyes start tearing and makeup runs on the set.
Whenever I leave LA, I fall in love with it again. Like all my relationships.
Dana Delany
" Packing makes me anxious. I hate limiting my choices.

" Procrastitweeting to avoid packing. But the peanut butter sandwich did help my hangover.

" After traveling, I am always reminded how incredibly fortunate we are to be able to drink water from the tap, filtered or otherwise.
I never realized how much You Don't Own Me was my theme song.
Dana Delany
" What was the best sex you ever had? Don't tell me. Just think about it. And enjoy. You're welcome.

" I think Diana Ross & I are the only ones who didn't know "I'm Coming Out" was a gay anthem. #showerthoughts

" If you've noticed that I'm over tweeting it's because I have to reread a book for research. I'm procrastitweeting.
I just saw a sexy homeless man. I scare myself sometimes.
Dana Delany
" I have learned that mentioning abortion, gun control, climate change will lose you followers. And I'm forgetting the fourth...

" I have resorted to using an extension cord so I can read my iPad in bed while charging. People used to keep extension cords near bed for other things.

" So clever of the paparazzi to wait in front of the Drs' building so they can get pix of everyone looking sick & shitty.
When you leave your phone on the plane, the next flight is delayed 3 1/2hrs to be swept for security. So, remember your f*cking phone!
Dana Delany
" Warning: Do not use old maple syrup out of a can. You will be tasting metal for days.

" Caution: Do not mix Kombucha with probiotics on an empty stomach. Barf-a-rama. Lovely Sunday in NY.

" Just opened a jar of honey vintage 1996. Did you know it's the only food that doesn't spoil? Besides Twinkies, of course.