Dana Delany / August 23, 1996
Finally this message thang is working again. Thanks Francis for keeping at it. Thank you all for your comments. Since it is John Spielmann's birthday, I will adress his questions as best I can.

Yes, I think you're right -Lisa Emerson probably was Colleen McMurphy's alter ego, same uptight upbringing, same rebellious streak. Very astute of you.
NO. I know very little about the fluch valve, except that I get a kick out of seeing a Delany valve in the restroom, since it's so rare these days.

I can't answer why Newton chose Gwen over Becky but with a name like Newton who knows?

You'll have to enlighten me as to the right cheek/left cheek reference to Bob Picardo. Have I forgotten something?

Brazil is still an incredibly sexy country and Lois Lane will sound nothing like Andrea Beaumont except that they both kind of sound like me. Lois is much more snappy and ballsy and fun. I have a great time doing Superman (recording, not doing) every week.
For anyone who's interested in future projects, Fly Away Home is a nice family movie, I'm mostly a female presemce in it and I haven't seen Wide Awake yet. But I have seen For Hope and I'm very proud of it. That will be seen on ABC, probably November 10.

That's it for now. Take care all.
Dana Delany / August 26, 1996
HI guys:

I left a message on August 23, but it doesn't seem to have lasted very long on the guest page. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out soon. And Francis, thank you for your vigilance. And thank you all for your comments; I've had a great time reading them. Especially Warren Berlinger's, of whom I have been a great fan for many years.

Warm Regards to you all.
Dana Delany / September 09, 1996
Hi guys:

In answer to Francis' questions: I will not be doing the talk show circuit for "Fly Away Home" because the stars are really Jeff and Anna and of course, the geese. I would rather save that for "For Hope", since that being a tv movie, it will need more of a push and I am very proud of it. I just got back from the Toronto Film Festival where "Fly Away Home" was very well received. People seem to love it.

In answer to the Batman question, as far as I know, I was never considered for Batgirl, especially since I am abit older than Alicia Silverstone and Chris O'Donnell- maybe "Batwoman." Also, I get such a kick out of the "Superman" animation series, I feel like I'm doing my DC bit. I watched it for the first time on Saturday and I couldn't stop laughing. What a dream to be Lois! I'll let you know what's coming up, we're in the middle of negotiations right now.

Take care all.
Dana Delany / September 30, 1996
Hello everyone:

I'm down in Texas working on a new mini-series called True Women. It co-stars Annabeth Gish and Angelina Jolie. We've been ridin' and shootin' and hopefully drinkin' soon. I think it will be a lot of fun. It's based on a book about three generations of women who setled Texas around the time of the Alamo. A great part for me.

Thank you to Francis for keeping track of the guest page.

And now for some of your questions: Yes, Maria, I do remember talking to you in the ladies room in San Francisco. I haven't been as politically active this election, but believe me , I've got my absentee ballot coming. Everybody remember to vote! And thanks, it was nice talking to you too. My favorite pizza is vegetarian or just white pizza, with cheese and lots of garlic! I decided to do "Exit To Eden" because I like to play a variety of roles and I thought it would be interesting to work with Garry Marshall. There was a fascinating character there, especially in the book. Unfortunately, I don't think the movie knew what it wanted to be. There were some scenes cut, so I ended up being the nicest dominatrix on earth. I don't regret doing it; we learn more from the tough experiences and I think it was kinda a brave choice. I never was trying to consciously change my "image". I don't think in those terms. I'm an actor, I play different roles. So that's it from Texas. Thanks for all of your kind words and interest.

Y'all take care now, y'hear?
Dana Delany / December 06, 1996
Hey guys.

Sorry that I can't answer all of your individual questions because they were LOST(just kidding, Francis). Hopefully being in Pergatory will be the next best thing to Heaven.

I have just returned home from Austin, Texas where I was shooting True Women as many of you already know. I think it will be on CBS in Feb. It should be fun. Alot of riding and shooting and smooching. In other words, a girlie western. Angelina Jolie and Annabeth Gish were both wonderful.

Thank you to all of you who wrote in response to For Hope. We won the night and I'd like to think it's because you all tuned in. I am very proud of that movie and I think we educated alot of people about Scleroderma. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next. The series idea is still in development so we'll see what happens with that. I hope you all have a restful and spiritual Christmas. Thank you for being so supportive. It means alot to me.

Dana Delany / December 19, 1996
Okay. I want to finally answer John S.'s query about my supposed interest in posteriors. I like a nice butt as much as the next person, but it's not an obsession. Probably more the various writer's I've worked with interest. They do sit on their's all day.

As for Lloyd's more literate questions: Yes- I was aware of the quality and sophistication of the writing on China Beach. You're right. Their was very little action except for the occasional triage. Everything was between the lines. The less acting you did, the better. It was almost pure emotion. Most of that came from John Sacret Young who is very aware of American fiction. He has written a couple of novels himself. That combined with the visual influences of John Ford, George Stevens and William Wyler to name a few. I miss that level of writing. Three of our writers are now on ER, John Wells, Lydia Woodward and Carol Flint. I think you can see some commonality between the shows. ER of course has more emphasis on the action of the hospital. I loved the elegant pacing of China Beach, but I don't know if that would play today.

As for your second queation, yes, I do make consciously social and moral choices about my work. I try to take chances and challenge myself. I also know the power of the medium to influence people. For better or for worse. And I think it has affected my career. But I get to sleep at night. For instance I chose Fly Away Home over Independence Day. I think ID4 was a fun movie but FAH was about life not death and I opt for the former.

Question#3- I have never thought about teaching acting, but I think a good teacher can be a great influence on an actor. One who encourages you to trust yourself and dig deeper and not be afraid. I had a teacher name Gina Barnett in NYC who was like that. But the bottom line is, you really have to NEED to act.

And finally, I do like Yi-Mou Zhang's films. I haven't seen them all, but they are beautiful and he obviously is fascinated by women.

Thanks for the interest, it made me think. And thanks again to Francis who is truly sticking by this with great tenacity.

Again, Happy Christmas to All.
Dana Delany / January 06, 1997
First, I want to thank Francis for defending the integrity of the page. I, too, am against censorship, but let's strive to keep ourselves at a higher level here.

Okay, here's some answers to a few questions: Thank you to the Oregon College of Oriental Medecine. I received your photo and you all look like the picture of health to me. I only have a doctor of Chinese medecine. I take herbs and vitamins and get accupuncture regularly. If for no other reason than that homeopathy makes sense to me and it works!
I used to paint but now I only act. Sounds like a liquor ad. Maybe in my old age I'll pick it up again like Henry Fonda.

As for music, I'm not into new age or really jazz. I'm afraid I'm kind of a throwback to the swing era. Frank, Ella, etc. I like to dance and my father used to listen to it, so maybe that's it. But I listen to all kinds. I guess that mean's your bet is a draw.

Other questions: Kim Delaney and I are not related, as we spell our names diferently. But I know her and I like her. She is quite beautiful and a good actor.

The most demanding role I've had on stage was probably in Translations by Brian Friels on Broadway in 1995. It is a wonderful play and I'm sorry to say, we didn't realize it fully. I would like to get a chance to do it again sometime in a smaller space.

My most satisfying stage experience was in Blood Moon by Nick Kazan. I did it Off-Broadway and in L.A. A good play.

My favorite ice cream is frozen yogurt these days. Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry. Although I just got back from Hawaii where I had Lappert's Macademia Nut and it was like Buttah'!

I am 5'6 and yes, Keith I did drive into Portchester to go drinking when I was younger. The place was called Molica's. I don't know if it's still there.

I hope that satisfies some of your interest. Again, thank you for all your wonderfully supportive comments. If you're out seeing all the new movies I highly recommend Secrets and Lies by Mike Leigh. It's great.

Happy and healthy New Year.
Dana Delany / March 07, 1997
I can't believe that I just spent a half hour answering all of your questions and my computer ate it! Shit! However, I will attempt to go again in a rambling way and you can figure out what question I'm answering.

First of all- Hi to Craig H. who has been a devoted supporter since CB days. Glad you found us. And to the rest of you- even though I haven't written in a while it is embarrasing how many times I actually check in.

Keith, a women never tires of a compliment. We try not to take it too seriously, but we relish every one.

That was me on an upcoming episode of Spygame. My friend produces the show and he created a character for me in homage to Honey West. I am a big fan of Anne Francis and I was Honey for Halloween when I was eight. I had alot of fun doing it. I think it airs Mar 31. On ABC.

As for True Women, I've now been told that the airdate is May 18 and 20. Of course that could change because it's a big game of chicken for the networks.

I am still planning on doing a new series that I will produce. It's still in development, but hopefully be ready for mid-season.

If any of you read about a series called ATF to star Helen Mirren and me, that is no longer happening. With us. It didn't come together like we had hoped. But I would love to work with her someday.

I do have a sister who is my favorite person on earth. I sent her a private message in Live Nude Girls. We look nothing alike, she is 5'10 and blonde. But our voices and handwriting are exactly the same.

I was raised with cats but I have no pets now because I travel so much.

Doesn't this sound like madlibs where none of the thoughts are connected? In the travel department, I loved Austin, the food, the people, the music, the weather. I think I could live there.

As for Europe, I've spent alot of time in France and Italy and I lived in London in 1976 for a year of college. Of course London is the place to be right now. I'd like to go soon. As for Germany, I've never been but would like to. Francis, you met your wife there, didn't you? No wonder you like it. I think however that Vietnam for obvious reasons was the most intriguing and beautiful place I've visited. I am fascinated with all of the Orient.
In answer to specifics: Robert, the line in Moon Over Parador was not an adlib, but the scene in Exit was a reshoot. I think the Kurt Russell reference was Rosie's idea. It seems kinda silly now. I just rewatched Tequila Sunrise and he was fantastic in that. I highly recommend that film. Very sexy.

Phil's last question about China Beach came after I lost my other answer. Thank you for your thoughtful attention. I'm very fond of the last year of CB because we really took chances with time. I think the last two episodes are particular favorites. I still see Marg(K.C.) once in awhile and of course Chloe and I are very close. How could we not be? It was a wonderful group of people. I'm very happy for Bob P. on Startrek and Michael B. on Spin City. They're both very talented.

And a final word to Francis, you have done a spectacular job with this page. You said you would maintain it and you have. In answer to YOUR questions, I think comedy can be harder. It requires energy and precision. Of course it comes easier to some people.We all have our strengths. I like to have a mix of both. But someday I would like to do an out and out comedy. As for SNL- that's been brought up but I find it way too scary an idea.
That's about it except for my hair color! All I can say is- use Goldwell products, it gives great shine. Now that's the really important stuff!

And to all of you-THANK YOU! I've checked into this page on days when I've been a bit low and it never fails to pick me up, so please know that I appreciate your kindness.

Dana Delany / April 29, 1997
Hello everyone.

I wanted to address Jim Patterson's comment before anything got blown out of all proportion. First of all, don't believe everything you read. Especially the New York Post which was quoting The Globe for God's sake. You should know better than that. The facts are, I have known Bob and Sherri Saget for ten years. I am friends with his parents and his three girls. That is it. What ever Bob chooses to do with his life is up to him. I, myself , am very happy in a relationship of three years. So don't go worrying about or spreading rumors. I count on you all to be better than that.

Dana Delany / May 08, 1997
Just in case, for all of you who are into this stuff, I will be online answering questions on Prodigy Thurs, May 15 at 8:30 pm EDT. Sign on and ask me something! See ya May 18th.
Dana Delany / June 21, 1997
Okay. For that woman who is doubting...I really do write my own responses to this page. I don't really know how to prove it. I mean, jeez...even Jesus had a problem with that one. NOT that I'm making any comparison, God forbid.

Now, in answer to some questions. I have never surfed, although never say never. I have been snow skiing since I was four, having been raised in New England. But I don't do it as much as I'd like. I also have a low tolerance for cold weather.

I used to be a vegetarian, but no longer. I missed the protein and beans and tofu can get a little tiresome after a while. Variety, you know?

I can't remember what college course I hated. I tend to forget about things I hate. I loved a course I took on Proust. I read all of Remembrance of Things Past which I never would have done on my own. I highly recommend it.

I don't watch much sports. Sometimes figure skating, skiing. I like to go to baseball games a couple of times in the summer. Especially minor league teams. Personally, I've just started kick boxing which I really like. I learned a bit when I did Spygame so I decided to keep it up. It's a great way to let out your aggressions.

I speak some French, not perfectly. I'd like to live in France and really get it right.
My favorite color changes around. But I always have a preference for green- celedon and chartreuse.

I don't usually wear perfume, because I have a sensitive nose, but once in a while I'll wear vanilla because it reminds me of a woman that I admire.

I have to say that I laughed at the letter from the man who asked if I've ever had Bell's Palsy. No, I haven't. If you look around, you'll see that almost everyone has one eyelid that is lower than the other. That's what makes us all interesting: our imperfections.
In answer to Joleen, I think that everyone has their own path. Mine is to explore roles that interest me emotionally and that challenge me. Other people are more interested in recognition. That's secondary to me.

And as for future work, I'm now on location in North Carolina shooting a movie for CBS called The Patron Saint of Liars. It's based on a book written by Ann Patchett. My co-stars are Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor from Superman), Sada Thompson and Ellen Burstyn. Stephen Gyllenhaal is directing it. It's a wonderful book and a really complex character. I'm not sure how it will turn out and it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm finding it very challenging and different. Then I'm going to The Galapogos to host a ESPN special which should be really cool.

As for the series, it will be for ABC and I will co-produce it with John Sacret Young from China Beach. I can't talk about the idea yet, but I think it's a good one. If all goes well, it will be on in the fall of '98.

That's my news from here. I hope you are all having a great summer. OH- I recommend Into Thin Air and Le Divorce for summer reading. The girls might like the latter more than the guys.

Thanks for all your thoughts.
Dana Delany / September 18, 1997
Hello everyone.

Sorry it's been awhile. This has been a very busy summer.
First of, let me say that contrary to rumours and the movie internet data base, I am not married, nor have I ever been. Not that I have anything against it, it's just neverhappened.
Yes, Francis, that was me wearing black glasses behind David Hyde-Pierce. They're new for distances . Since I've never worn glasses, I find it kinda fun.

I had a good time at the Emmy's, the last time I went was six years ago when I won. It was ironic that I got to present Hector with his award. He said I brought him luck since the last time he saw me, I was naked. Funny man.

In answer to some comments- I remember writing to Abby Phillips many years ago and I can't believe she's 17. Nice to hear from you. And Maria- thanks for all your translating.
As for the man who said someone in his family invented the flush valve- I have no idea. I never said my Great-Grandfather invented it, I just said we manufactured it. There's been a lot of claims on that one.

As for work- I guess they keep pushing back the release of Wide Awake. God knows why. I believe Patron Saint of Liars will air on CBS this fall. And The Rescuers will be on Showtime in Apr.

I did a small role in an independent film called Dead Man's Curve which should be fun. It's a black comedy with alot of good looking young actors in it. And I think I'm off to New Mexico next week to shoot another independent.

John Sacret Young and I pitched our idea to ABC and they didn't go for it, so I'm looking at other ideas. I will be oing a new series but it has to be the right one, so I'm trying to be picky.

Today I had a wonderful time speaking in a documentary about Louise Brooks. It's about time that they gave her a proper tribute. It was a pleasure to talk to people who are as passionate about her as Iam. And much more knowledgable.

That's it for now. Please know that even though it's been a busy time, I still check in and read your comments. Thanks for all of your warm thoughts. Speaking of warm- the Galapogos were fascinating, but 9 days on a boat is too much for me. When they can figure out another way to see them, I'll go back. It helped to know Darwin had the same problem.

Take care all. Dana
Dana Delany / December 24, 1997
Merry Christmas everybody.

I'm finally home in California and happy to be here.I just want to thank you all for checking in and leaving such warm and intelligent comments.
I thought that was a good call by Trevor on the Rosie, Kim, Michael connection. It's all a coincidence, but I myself thought that was a bit odd. And yes, that was John Sacret Young marrying Lila and Sarge as the priest.

There's not much new to report, except that I am still going ahead with doing a series. It's just not clear with whom yet. I am waiting to see a couple of scripts. Hopefully it will be challenging and something youll want to see. Also, Dead Man's Curve is going to Sundance which is good news for the director, Dan Rosen.

Mostly I just want to thank you for being there. I've got a great support system. Have a wonderful New Year.

Be safe!
Dana Delany / February 25, 1998
Just a quick note, as I am off to address a group of alumni from my high school. It seems that the longer one is in this business, the more misinformation is out there. Thanks to Francis we have a forum here for the facts.

Okay. No, I do not know a Steven Klein, that I recall. I am happy to hear that CB is on in Brazil. Having made two movies there it is one of my favorite countries and I have a lot of Brazilian friends, including Denise Dumont who was mentioned on this page. In fact I am proud to say that I introduced her to her husband.

No, I am not married ( this one seems to come up a lot) but I have a wonderful boyfriend named Henry Czerny.

I don't know of any family on the west coast other than myself. Although the fact that Michael spells his name Delany without the e is unusual. I'm amazed that movies I'm in still spell it wrong in the credits. I figure people in the know, know.

Los Angeles has been my home for the past 12 years and New York before that. And finally, we have an airdate for The Patron Saint of Liars. Apr 12, Easter.

That's it for now. Thank you all so much for your comments. I for one will be happy when this El Nino thing is over.

Dana Delany / April 12, 1998
Hi everyone.

I thought it was time to answer a few more of your questions. First- in reply to Misty, I'm not sure of the origin of Delany. Maybe someone out there can help. It probably began as a Norman name as in De Launey. It then was shortened by the Celts into Delaney. I don't know why I have no extra e in Delany.

As for the comments about expressing emotions and how do actors do that- it's different for every actor. I was taught to be very clear about what your character wants. And then get out of your way. Thinking too much will kill any emotion.

Yes, there is a connection with Clancy Brown on a few levels. From one of our worst China Beach episodes (and I only feel that way about a couple) Strange Brew. It was really out there. But Clancy was great. And we still do the animated Superman together.
As for various sightings- No, that's not me on a NASCAR commercial and my sister has never been on television to my knowledge since Wonderama. The last commercial I did was for Whisk about 13 years ago.

I would definitely consider doing another play in NYC. Maybe Off Broadway where there's less pressure to be a financial success.

And finally for the travel section, I would love to go back to Brazil soon. But first I'm taking my mother to Bilbao, Spain to see the new Frank Gehry museum (also known as the Whitney). It looks beautiful. And yes, I have been to Tombstone, Arizona. I watched the reenactment of the OK Corral and everything.

Thank you again for all of your comments. We seem to have a group of regulars now. I went to the silent film actress Billie Dove's funeral a couple of months ago and met the president of her fan club since the 20's. Maybe you can all meet up at my funeral. Hah. Anyway- your thoughts are appreciated. I will let you know about any new developments. Still trying to get that series idea right.

Until then- me.
Dana Delany / August 02, 1998
Hey everyone.

I thought that you would like to hear about our recent China Beach reunion. It was very impromptu. Michael Boatman was in town from New York. And Marg had just run into Brian Wimmer at Sundance in Utah. So she very nicely put together a barbeque. It was great. Everybody looked exactly the same. We realized what a unique combination of people it was because we still felt a close and strong bond. It was just wonderful to all be in the same place again.

Bob Picardo who is all over the country with Star Trek conventions was there with his daughter Nicki who played my daughter in the last episode. She is now a big girl and came right up to me to give me a hug. Although how she remembered me, I don't know. Except from videotape.

Brian looked as handsome as ever and still spends a lot of time in Utah. Boatman of course is working non stop with two shows and has a child. Jeff Kober and Marg did a movie together last year. Concetta came with her new husband since the show. Marg and her husband Alan Rosenberg just did a movie together. They have a beautiful house and their son looks just like Marg with the red hair. Chloe Webb was there, too. She and I see each other all the time since we're still good friends. Troy Evans and his wife came. He's always working and he's been doing his one man show about being a vet as a benefit. John Wells was there as was Lydia Woodward who are both on ER now. And John Sacret Young and Rod Holcomb who both just did Thanks of a Grateful Nation for Showtime.

We had a cake to celebrate the ten year anniversary with ten candles which we all blew out. And Marg made incredible thai chicken from the Jul issue of Bon Appetit which I highly recommend. It was like time stood still. We were all really grateful for having had the chance to share the experience we did. I feel like the alumni class secretary, but I wanted to fill you in on how well everybody is.

As for me, I had a great time in Europe and I urge you all to go to Bilbao, Spain to see the Frank Gehry designed Guggenheim Museum there. It is magnificent.

I'm starting a new movie for ABC in Sep. Actually it's an old movie. We're doing a remake of Resurrection made in 1980 with Ellen Burstyn. It's a really good story. Right now we're still finding a director and the cast. I'm looking forward to it. That's the news.

I hope you're all having a good summer. Dana
Dana Delany / November 30, 1998
Hey everyone:

I'm shooting in Toronto right now. A Showtime movie called Sirens. It is written, directed and produced by John Sacret Young of China Beach fame. Our first time working together since then. I will write more later.

Right now I have to learn my lines for tomorrow and a 5am call. But I do want to help out Phil from Australia.The line from Tombstone is Who is that tall drink of water? It was not in the script. I think the original line was Who is that man? Someone on the set suggested the other line. It might have been a crew member. Later, the director and producer were not happy about it. Probably the writer too. I hope you get to collect your winnings.

I'll write more on my day off. Dana.
Dana Delany / March 07, 1999
Hi you guys;

Just to fill you in on some stuff. I am taping the Roseanne show on Mar 10 and Leeza on March 11. I don't know if they will air live or not. Then I'm on Kathy Lee and Regis on March 15, the day that Resurrection airs. I hope that you can all watch the movie on ABC. I think it's pretty interesting. Especially try to watch Roseanne because I think she is interested in the web page. And yes, it is my birthday on the 13th. I share that day with Annabeth Gish who has become a good friend of mine since we played sisters in True Women. I am planning a dinner with some friends. And salsa dancing!

As for St. Patrick's day, I usually ignore it. I'm not much into corned beef although I love mashed potatoes and cabbage. I just think it can bring out the worst in the Irish. Sentimental excuses for getting drunk. Not that I mind a good bottle of red.

FYI John Sacret Young and I have discussed a reunion show. It may yet happen. And once again we are talking series ideas. I haven't found anything yet elsewhere that interests me. And you all know how picky I am. Thanks for all your votes on that Entertainment Weekly poll. I have an idea that you were all instrumental in getting my name on there. Also- I saw a rough cut of Sirens and it's looking really good. I think China Beach fans will like it. That's it for now.

My best to you all. Dana
Dana Delany / March 11, 1999
A little update:

Don't expect too much from the talk shows. They are getting wackier and shallower. I guess I don't watch too much daytime TV. The Kathy Lee and Regis appearance has been canceled because of ABC's penny pinching. They claim that they have no money to send me to New York. All of it went to publicity for sweeps week. A little disconcerting, considering both are ABC shows. It ain't like the old days. Not good for the movie but better for me in the long run. I get to sleep in on Sun instead of getting on a plane. That means a serious night of celebrating on my BDay! I wanted to let you all know so that you didn't waste your time. Thanks for all the birthday wishes; you guys are great.

Dana Delany / April 19, 1999
Just a quick update for you. I was in Salt Lake City last week, working on an independant film, temporarily titled The Right Temptation. It stars Rebecca De Mornay and Keifer Sutherland. I had a lot of fun working with Rebecca. It was a nice juicy part in a kind of modernized film noir movie. Hopefully it will get a release before it goes to video. I think that The Curve is now out at Blockbuster. Who knows about The Outfitters? There is such a glut of independants that the money people think it's just easier to dump them on video and recoup their investment. Thanks for all your comments on Resurrection. And I hope that you are having as fun a spring as I am!
Dana Delany / July 27, 1999
Hey everyone:

I haven't forgotten you and I do check pretty regularly. Just been having a lot of fun! I went to Paris and Rome for vacation. Had a great time. I'm leaving for Charlotte, NC in Aug to do a mini series for CBS. Shake, Rattle and Roll. The birth of rock and roll. The most exciting part is that I play James Coburn's wife. Our Man Flint! Sirens is going to be on Showtime the end of Sep. And, yes, many series ideas are in the works, but I wont say anything until it happens.

Also I narrated a beautiful Japanese documentary called Gaia that I hope you all get to see when it comes out. Speaking of voice overs, that is me for Toyota. I'm sharing the job with Peter Horton.

I saw Garry Marshall's new movie last night and I think it will be a big hit. Full of shmaltz but a lot of fun.

Also, for those of you who read...and I know that's asking alot these days, Mandalay television has bought the Deja Dead book for me to do as a TV movie. It's written by Kathy Reichs and is a good read. Also, the women out there might like Layover by Lisa Zeidner. I really enjoyed it.

As for some questions...to Mlcwriter: I love accupuncture and no, it doesn't hurt at all. And I usually watch my movies once only and then maybe ten years later and sayhey, that wasn't so bad. To Ed: very funny. And there was one other question as to the spiritual nature of my projects. I don't know... I usually just look for good writing where the character goes on some kind of journey. I guess I'm most interested in discovering the true self. Whatever that means. That's it for now. I will try to write more from NC.

Thanks again to everyone.
Dana Delany / October 01, 1999
Hello all:

My only complaint about Jack's comments is that he attacked you guys. One of the side effects of the internet is that we are ALL public now even though it feels private. You have now learned what it feels like to be seen and judged. As Brian Friels told me,Rise above.

And as to the comments about me, I am proud to be considered a journeyman actor. All my favorites are. I never gravitated to the big stars when I was a child. Gloria Grahame, Barbara Rush, James Garner. I would have loved to work with any of them. And in Garner's case, I'm still hoping. Thank you all for coming to my defense. But I have a feeling that Jack lacks a sense of humor and probably had any sense of fantasy drilled out of him on the couch next to the man with the pad.

Shake, Rattle and Roll was fun to film. I got out of North Carolina two days before Floyd hit. Phew. James Coburn was a dream. He really is Our Man Flint. He called me his broad. I loved it. CBS is putting a ton of money into publicity. Sweeps, you know. An album and video tie-ins. There are two young stars in it who are great. Bonnie Somerville and Brad Hawkins. My favorite part was the wardrobe. And meeting Troy Donahue and Edd Byrnes. What a hoot. That's it for now.

You guys are the greatest. Dana.
Dana Delany / December 31, 1999
Happy 2000 everyone.
I just want to thank you for being so smart and communicative. And more than generous in your comments. Thanks to Francis, we have been right on the internet curve and this has been a great forum for me to hear your thoughts.

I would like to address the smoking question. I have never smoked. Except in movies. For some reason it's been part of the characters lately. Maybe some latent desire to try it. But I think that's done with. My sister smokes and I wish she didn't. Tonight I am going to a party with her and friends. Where will you all be? I hope that everyone is grateful for this beautiful life we have. I know I am.

See you on the other side. D.
Dana Delany / May 17, 2000
Hello everyone.

I apologize for not writing in a while. I was waiting and hoping to have good news, but unfortunately my pilot that I did with Tom Fontana, Good Guys/Bad Guys did not get picked up on NBC. It is a project that I have been wanting to do for two years. Both Tom and I are very disappointed. But now that I have gotten my feet wet again in the series world, I am looking to find another one. I forgot how much I enjoy working every day.

The two TV movies that I am producing, both based on books, are moving along nicely. Double Jeopardy by Linda Fairstein and Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs. And I am fielding offers to do a play. It might be good just to act and forget about all the politics of the business. I really appreciate all of your kind words. It reminds me that audiences are smart and do have taste, despite networks that pander to the lowest common denominator. Please know, that even if you don't hear from me, I check in more than I should admit.

With warm thanks, Dana.
Dana Delany / May 29, 2000
Hi again.

A quick update for those of you who were asking about personal appearances. I am appearing Off Broadway all summer in Dinner With Friends at the Variety Arts Theatre on Third Avenue in New York City. I go on Jun 13 and continue until Sep 7. It's a wonderful play by Donald Margulies which won the Pulitzer Prize this year. So come by and see it. It will be a fun challenge for me since I haven't been on stage in five years. And New York in the summer is a whole other thing. Hope to see a lot of you there!

Dana Delany / August 03, 2000

Just a quick update. It looks like I am going to be doing Dinner With Friends in LA. Therefore I will be leaving the NY production earlier in order to rehearse in LA with the new cast. So my last date at the Variety Arts Theatre is Aug. 27. I apologize to anyone who ordered tickets after that date and wanted to see me. But it is not too late to change them. The show will open in LA at the Geffen Theatre on Oct. 3 and run until Oct. 29 and then we will play in Boston Nov. 4-19. That's the plan for now. The cast will be Rita Wilson, Daniel Stern and Kevin Kilner and me. As a point of interest, I will be playing the OTHER role. It should be a fun challenge. Maybe some of you can see BOTH productions and compare. I hope to see you.

Dana Delany / August 24, 2000

I am very sorry if anyone is losing money on my leaving NYC two weeks early. But I can relate because, so am I. In fact theatre itself is a money losing proposition. It is costing me to be in New York doing the play and I am being paid even LESS in Los Angeles but at least I get to live at home. The offer to do Dinner With Friends in LA was a shock to me (especially to play Beth) but I took it as a chance to challenge myself and grow. Certainly not for the money. I am sorry if people are stuck with prepaid flights. I know some were coming from Europe and that's especially hard. All I can do is invite you to LA or Boston. Thank you for your understanding. And thank you to all who have come to see me in the show. It has been my pleasure.

Dana Delany / November 16, 2000
Hey everyone:

I am in Boston, where we are completing our run of Dinner with Friends. We have been almost sold out and it has been a great time. I leave on Mon to meet with Linda Fairstein in NYC who I am loosely playing in Final Jeopardy. She is the sex crimes prosecutor in New York who is the author of the book. Then I go to Toronto to begin shooting until Christmas. It has been a busy and invigorating time since May when I started the DWF journey. Who knew that it would have such a fruitful life? Now I am on to my producing career. We shall see how I like that.

To all the people who have come to see the play...I thank you very much. I know that some of you have travelled great distances and some have been long time supporters. In any case, it is duly appreciated. For me, the play has restored my faith in the craft of telling a good story, minus all the hoopla of Hollywood. Now I can go back with my fighting spirit. Again, I thank you for being there.

Dana Delany / December 24, 2000
Merry Christmas!

I just returned to LA from Toronto. Glad to be out of the snow and into the sunshine. Time for a long awaited rest. It has been a busy year and I have had little time at home. The shooting of Final Jeopardy was fast and furious. We tried to find a tone of mystery mixed with entertainment. I hope we succeeded. Sometimes it felt like an episode of Murder She Wrote. The plot thickens.

I am spending Xmas in LA with my sister and her husband and then off to Hawaii for a week. I'm bringing plenty to read and that's about all I plan on doing. I want to once again thank you all for your support and comments. And a special thanks to all who made an effort to see the play. It was a big highlight of my year to get to meet some of you in person. I wish you all a warm and loving holiday. Happy New Year!
Dana Delany / January 29, 2001
Just a quick update to let you all know that I will be on Celebrity Jeopardy Feb. 7. I had a great time doing it and won some money for the Scleroderma Research Foundation. I also got a free trip to Vegas which was fun. I'm not much of a gambler, but the town cracks me up.

BTW, I'm 5'6.

Happy Valentine's Day.
Dana Delany / March 15, 2001
Hey everyone.

Thank you for all my Birthday greetings. I had a dinner party for 25 of my friends which was lovely. I wanted to let you know that I will be on Family Law next Mon, the 19th at 10 on CBS. I did it for my friend Paul Haggis who created the show. I think it is an important episode about having guns in the house with children. So if you can, tune in.

I start work on the pilot Pasadena on Mar 26. I'm excited to be working with Diane Keaton again. And I think the writer, Mike White is the real deal. The only downside is that if it gets picked up, we might be shooting in Vancouver. Nothing against Canada, but I'd rather be home. Final Jeopardy will be on ABC in Apr, but the date is not set yet.

As for Rob's questions, I think my hair looks best at no longer than shoulder length. Right now it's growing out from cutting it short for the role of Beth in Dinner With Friends. And for exercise, I still do yoga and the occasional walk on the treadmill. Because I love to drink and eat! I'll let you all know how the pilot goes.

Dana Delany / May 21, 2001

Yes! It's good news. Pasadena was picked up by Fox. It will air on Fris at 9PM. I really like this show. It's written by Mike White who is very bright and good. And he's only 30 years old. The cast is very non-television and unique. So I am looking forward to going back to work. I hope that you all like it. I play a rather juicy neurotic heiress. So I'm not the straight one this time. It's all seen through my daughter's eyes played by Allison Lohman who is going to be very big. (I sound like one of those old Hollywood newsreels). Stay in touch, I'll let you know how it's going once we start shooting in Jul.

Dana Delany / May 25, 2001
Hi. It's me again.

I just wanted to let all you diehard China Beach fans know that the whole show is going to be aired on the History Channel for Vietnam week. On Jun 4 they will have a 10 hour marathon and then show it at 7PM Mon through Fri starting June 5. Enjoy! I am off to Toronto to shoot a Showtime movie with Omar Epps. I'll let you know how it goes. Happy Memorial Day.

PS: I will also be on Good Morning America on the 28th, reading letters home from war.
Dana Delany / September 07, 2001
Hello Everyone:

I am in Vancouver. We are on our third episode of Pasadena. It has been a bit surreal for me to be doing this work while hearing so many wonderful comments about China Beach. I am very proud of all of our work on that show. I am grateful that ten years later it still holds up. It was a semenal esperience for us all. I only hope that you will respond to Pasadena. Hating it or loving it. I think that it is very clever writing and extremely edgy. It is taking chances with characters that I have never seen on network television before. I love my role of Catherine. It is something I have never played before and I think that Mike White, our creator (aside from God) is pretty smart. All the people on Pasadena are three demensional and complex. I feel very lucky. We premiere on Sept. 21 at 9PM on Fox. What you see that night is only an indication of what is to come. We're really stretching it.

That's it for now. I will answer questions when I have more time. Jeez. I sound like the Wizard of Oz. Most importantly, I want to thank all of the people who have written in about China Beach. It means the world to me, that it sustains.

Dana Delany / October 01, 2001
Hey everyone:

I am beat. Just back from my quick stop in NYC. I'm sorry I didn't alert you all ahead of time. I have been working such long hours, I didn't think. I didn't even tell my mother. I agree with the last comment. We're in a bad time slot and following the wrong show. I love Pasadena. My character just gets juicier and juicier. You haven't begun to see what she's capable of. But we need your support. Write or email Fox to keep us on the air and to consider moving us. I truly believe that we could get a strong following with the right support. I will write more after a good night's sleep. Thank you for all of your wonderful words of support.

Dana Delany / October 01, 2001
Hello again.

I had a good night's rest, so I'm a little more coherent. So you all know, I will be on Craig Kilborn this Thurs, Oct. 4. And Fox morning news in LA on Fri the 5th. And some new show called The Other Half, but I'm not sure when. We are all very hopeful about Pasadena. The critical response has been pretty great overall. Right now, it's hard to gauge what people want to watch. I think we just need to make more people aware that we're on. I don't know a lot about nights or time slots. Just let Fox know that you like the show and want to watch. We start episode six this week and it is wild! I don't know how much further we can take it. But I have great faith in our creator Mike White. He truly has a vision. (jeez, I'm sounding religious again). In that case, bless you all, you've been wonderful.

Dana Delany / November 06, 2001

I hope people in LA and NY saw the wonderful write ups on Pasadena on Fri and Sun in the LA Times and New York Times, respectively. The word of mouth is working. The people at Fox say that they are sticking with us, despite preempting us this week for 24. We'll see. Don't give up hope and don't stop writing Fox. We all still love doing the show. It just gets better and better.

As for all the very nice comments about my looks, I don't feel that way about myself, but I'm flattered that you do. I think that I look pretty average. More important to me is having energy and health. Vitamins, excercise and a good attitude are the secret. As far as Nan Woods, to answer the query, after she was killed off China Beach, I believe she went back to Chicago and I'm not sure that she's still acting. She was very young. Only 20 at the time.

The other question about my favorite role... I've always liked Light Sleeper as a complete movie. But no role beats McMurphy. However I'm getting to have a lot of fun with Catherine on Pasadena. She does things I'd never dream of doing, or at least I'd never admit it. The one we're shooting now involves a minister. Oh my God. By the way, I did check out John 3:16 in the bible. It's a good passage. There's nothing wrong with telling the truth. Thanks for all your comments and keep watching Pasadena!

Dana Delany / November 17, 2001
Hello again from Vancouver.

We are on our 12th episode of Pasadena and it is getting more and more amazing. Mike White is really hitting his stride. We will wrap here in mid-Dec and then await Fox's decision. Here's what I know: They say they are still behind the show. Because of the horrific events in our country no one knows what's going on this fall season. Fox put all their eggs in one basket with 24 so they feel they have to recoup the money. The plan as of TODAY is to relaunch Pasadena in Jan from the second episode. They know it's a good show. In fact I think they are somewhat chagrined that it didn't have a better send off in Sep to grab the viewers. The question now is, what night will they put it on? That's the sticky one. I, personally, would prefer staying on Fris or Tuesdays at 9. But it's not my choice. What do you all think? Let Fox know. And thanks for hanging in there. Slow and steady...

Dana Delany / December 24, 2001
I am thankful for so much this year. But I am particularly grateful for Francis Hartley and the wonderful job he has done with this website. He has made it possible for all of us to communicate. I thank him and you for that. Wishing you all a blessed holiday. I know it's going to be a delicious year.

Dana Delany / April 04, 2002
Hello Everyone.

I wanted to update you on Pasadena. I'm afriad in all of Fox's infinite wisdom, it is dead. They have decided not to run anymore of the 13 episodes we shot. Brad Grey and Columbia/Tri-Star are still trying to figure out what to do with them. Perhaps a cable channel or video release. I won't even begin to analyze Fox's decision. All I will say is that it is one of the best experience's I have ever had. The cast still remains tight today. And everyone has moved on to other work.

I have shot two days on Presidio Med. Again, I am blessed with a great fellow cast (Blythe Danner, Anna Deveare Smith, Sasha Alexander and Julianne Nicholson) and a lot of my old friends from China Beach. Lydia Woodward was a producer on CB as was John Wells our executive producer. You probably know them now from ER. Also, the Director of Photography, Tony Palmieri was the camera operator on CB. So it feels like family already. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a pick up on CBS and a good time slot. I don't want to jinx anything, but it all feels really good. I was very fortunate to land another well written show so quickly. And I get to shoot at home and have a life! Briefly, the show is about five women doctors in a San Francisco hospital. And the antics ensue! I play the oncologist so I won't be whooping it up as much. Thanks for all of your questions about Pasadena. It will probably become one of those cult shows. The lost episodes of Pasadena. .

Take care everyone. Wish us luck and I'll keep you posted.
Dana Delany / June 22, 2002

Just so you all know, Francis is till very much behind this website. He's dealing with some stuff right now so we all have to cut him some slack. I, myself, have been on vacation for the last few weeks. I visited New York, Munich and London before I go back to the series grind. I had never been to Germany before. Very clean as they say. I visited the concentration camp at Dachau. It was an incongruously beautiful day and all I could think of was thebanality of evil. It is a very powerful experience to visit there.

London was a lot of fun. Saw great art exhibitions: the Matisse/Picasso show at the Tate Modern and a really wonderful retrospective of Lucian Freud's work at the Tate. If anyone is there, go see it. Saw Madonna in her play; didn't think much of it. The Neal LaBute play was as disturbing and provocative as expected. Again, the weather was beautiful and London seems to be full of construction and renewal.

Now back to LA. I am so happy to be working at home for the first time in nearly ten years. We start shooting Presidio Med in Aug. I am thrilled. The cast is a lot of fun and everyone knows what they're doing. The producers, Lydia Woodward and John Wells both worked on China Beach and then ER along with Chris Chulack, our director. So it is a well oiled machine. I am returning to my serious side with the character, an oncologist. But one who is cheating on her husband with the georgeous Oded Fahr. So the hijinks ensue. Life is pretty damn good.

I hope you are all having a good summer. I have some reading suggestions. The book that changed my life this year is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It is dense and profound so take your time with it. But it had a very positive effect on me and I'd like to pass that on to you. For just plain fun, read anything by Michael Connelly. He writes crime novels set in LA and they are all good. The latest is City of Bones. Thanks again for being so supportive of the site. I will keep you posted on Presidio progress.

Dana Delany / September 18, 2002
A quick update:

I'm doing a lot of press for our debut on Tuesday the 24th and then our regular spot on Wed the 25th. I'll be on The View on Sep 23 and CBS Morning Show and the Caroline Rhea Show on September 24. September 25 I will be AOL online chat so sign on! And I think I will be on The Rob Nelson Show on September 30. We are now filming our fourth episode. It's a wonderful cast, but big! So we're still working out the various storylines. I hope that you all tune in the first week so that we get some ratings! And no, I won't be at the Emmys this year. I'll be in NYC with my family and promoting the show.

Thanks guys!
Dana Delany / November 24, 2002
Hello everyone.

I wanted to update you on Presidio Med. We have been picked up for the full season. However, we will not be on the CBS schedule until Jan. The network is trying to decide whether to move us to another spot. We would love to be on Sun night. Please feel free to let them know. I just finished shooting an episode that I am very proud of. It mostly revolves around Dr. Rae and a leukemia patient played by Hallie Eisenberg who is wonderful. Hopefully it will be seen in January. CBS tells us that they are planning a new ad campaign to relaunch us.

I want to wish you all a great Thanksgiving. I will be up in Napa spending it with friends and drinking some fabulous wine. Happy turkey!

Dana Delany / December 05, 2002
I'm not sure which would be a greater honor: the People's Choice Award or Best Celebrity Legs...hmmmm...In any case, a vote for either would be appreciated and the show can use whatever boost it can get. I think my legs can stand on their own. HA.

Dana Delany / December 13, 2002
Hey all:

I don't usually respond to gossip, but there seems to be a spate of it lately. Which I suppose is a good sign, because that means Presidio Med is being talked about. It's been awhile since I've been in the public forum in that way. There's not a lot of gossip in Vancouver. That being said, I LOVE working on PM. It is a classy show with a classy cast. We all get along fabulously and the show is far from boring. How can kissing Oded Fehr be boring? I am grateful that we are continuing because the show is just finding its stride and only getting better. Got it?

So here's the next item. As printed, we are returning to CBS on Wed, Jan 15 at 10PM. Then there is a new episode on Fri, January 17 at 8PM. This Wednesday/Friday schedule will continue the next week. I think CBS is checking out how we do on Fridays, since Providence is gone. I, personally, would love for you all to watch on Friday the 17th because it focuses on my character, Rae Brennan. It was beautifully written by Lydia Woodward and stars Hallie Eisenberg of Pepsi commercial fame. She is a wonderful actress. I am very proud of the show. That's it. All of you who have been loyal followers of this site, know that I am incapable of doing work that I don't care about.

Dana Delany / December 24, 2002
Happy days to all. I wanted to tell everyone how grateful I am for your kindness and faith. Two of my favorite qualities. Please be equally kind to yourselves and have a graceful holiday.

Dana Delany / January 08, 2003

I have finally received confirmation from the producers of Presido Med, that With Grace, the episode that features Rae Brennan will air on Wed Jan 22 at 10PM. During the month of January, Presidio Med will air new epidodes on both Wednesday and Fri on CBS. But remember that it's on at 10PM on Wednesday and 8PM on Friday. A little confusing, I know. But it shows that CBS is trying to find the right slot.

Thank you all for your patience. I hope that you had good holidays. I am happy to be back in the swing of things. I must commend R Lee for some amazing comments. The list of suggestions for future roles was my favorite and pretty much on target. As for the quotes, that's a lot of research! Taken out of context, they might seem a bit odd, but I stand by all of them. I'd forgotten the one from my soap opera days. That's what it felt like. And the quote from when I was 16, was for my application to Phillips Academy and pretty damn prescient. Now that 30 years have passed since then, I'm ready for the rest of my life to unfold. And it is an adventure. Don't forget to keep voting on CBS.com for the People's Choice. I think that's you.

Best to you all.
Dana Delany / April 01, 2003
Boy. This site is getting interesting. I knew that this group was smart and impassioned, but now I can see how articulate you all are. I think it's great. Feel free to express yourselves on any topic. I'm just happy to have had a small part in bringing you all together. Like an interesting dinner party. I'm keeping my opinions on the war to myself because they are constantly evolving.

In other lighter news: as some of you know, I have been in Tucson filming a movie called Spin directed by Jamie Redford. The cast includes Ryan Merriman, Stanley Tucci and Ruben Blades. I am having a wonderful time. Everyone is a ball to hang out with. It's a period piece set in the fifties involving a boy's coming of age. Seamed stockings and curled hair, you know. It is a pleasure to get back into the independent world of film after Presidio Med. I want to thank all of you for your diehard support. But it was time for the show to end. The world of television is so confusing right now, that I am happy to sit this season out. I am already in talks with some great writers to do a show for the 2004 season, so I'm pleased to be a free agent right now.

I have my 25th college reunion coming up where I am speaking on a panel and I will be doing a two week run of The Guys at Berkeley Rep in Jun. It was written in reaction to 9/11 and very well received in New York. In the meantime, I am enjoying the desert in the spring. Look for big changes on the site soon from Francis who is busting his butt. And a belated thank you for all the BDay wishes. I was working on that day and celebrated with a margarita. It was perfect.

Dana Delany / July 08, 2003
Hi. It's me.

Sorry it's been a while but, happily, I have been very busy. Ever since Presidio Med got canceled, I haven't stopped working. I had a wonderful time in Tucson filming Spin with Jamie Redford. He is a nice guy and I was honored to work on his film debut as a director. It wasn't too bad playing Ruben Blades' wife, either. I had only a couple of weeks off before I started shooting Turning Homeward (weird title) with Doris Roberts for the Hallmark channel to air at Thanksgiving. Everyone knows Doris from Everybody Loves Raymond, but I had the priviledge to act with her in a very serious role and she is great. It was effortless. It was also a nice bonus to have Megan Gallagher play my uptight sister. We laughed that we were recreating our China Beach dynamic when she played Wayloo Marie Holmes. In fact there are a couple of familiar scenes in the film. Megan and I drinking beer and dissing each other and me in the rain with my mother(which I happened to see in Fever the other day). Now that I have Tivo, it is frighteningly easy to watch CB reruns. I hadn't watched one in about 13 years. I thought I looked young and hopeful and inexperienced.

Anyway, I leave soon for a brief vacation in Maine and then down to San Diego and the Old Globe Theater for Much Ado About Nothing. It opens Aug 30 and goes to Oct 12. I play Beatrice and Billy Campbell plays Benedick. I have known Billy casually for years. I first met him when he landed his Rocketeer plane next to our CB set. I have always wanted to work with him, so I am excited. You should also know that I have never performed Shakespeare before, so this is a leap! And you all know how I like a challenge.

As for the speculation about the Lifetime Intimate Portrait, not to worry. It was originally to air as part of a series called Over Forty and Fabulous which they never did. So now it's more a matter of when it would be good for me; perhaps to coincide with a new project. I have yet to see it myself. Thanks for all the GQ comments. James Ellroy is an extraordinary man and writer. We hope to collaberate on a project one day. I hope that you are all having a fun summer. I am looking forward to lobster and blueberries! See you in San Diego.

Dana Delany / October 22, 2003
Hey everyone.

I'm back from San Diego and HAPPY to be home. I would first like to thank everyone who came to see the play. Many people came from far away and I want you to know I appreciate the time and money that took. I loved meeting all who said hello, and for those who were too shy, I send you my best. It is always nice to put a face to a name after all these years.

My experience doing Much Ado About Nothing was great. As I told you, it was a challenge and a dream come true. Very demanding and very rewarding. The cast was smart and fun, really nice people. San Diego is a very easy place to live. And I learned a lot. And laughed a lot. Beatrice has got to be one of the great female roles. There is such a range there if you choose to chase it. I like to think we explored both the comedy and the tragedy. Now I would like to try one of the tragedies, such as Lady M. I feel like there is still so much to learn.

Most of my days were spent saving up my energy for the show, but I did manage to get to the zoo, which was two minutes from my apartment. Well, not that close, or it would have stank. Balboa Park, as some of you have remarked is beautiful with so much to do. I recommend the Photography exhibit that is on there now. Eight of us got down to Rosarito Beach in Mexico and had a blast. Mucho tequila.

When I got home I went on a trip to Vegas with 50 of my closest friends. It was a charity item that I bought with another friend at the last Scleroderma benefit. We went to see Tom Jones at the MGM. What a show that man puts on. His voice is better that ever. My night was made when I got to meet him and he kissed me! I felt like I was fourteen. Now I am just happy to go to yoga and see movies. I was offered a miniseries on my return, but I realized that I need a break. I need to replenish. And after Shakespeare, it's hard to read mediocre writing. I'd like to be picky for the next few months.

I better stop talking about myself or that guy from Maine will complain. I want you to know that I read the page regularly and love hearing your comments. Now that I have some time, please feel free to ask questions and I will answer.

BTW, I will be in NYC for a screening of A Time To Remember on Nov 15. Leeza Gibbons is showing it for her Alzheimer's foundation. And I will be at the AFI festival for Spin on Nov 8&9. If any of you are interested, please come. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dana Delany / October 31, 2003
Happy Halloween. My house is covered with cobwebs and spiders. But they're real.

I was waiting for questions to pile up before I answered, but since people seem to be getting itchy, here I go….

1. The only way that I know to see Pasadena is to borrow bootleg tapes from someone. Maybe someone in New Zealand or Columbia, since those are the only places I know that have aired the entire series. I have copies of all 13 episodes. Maybe Reg would like to copy them and send them back to me. I don't know about the legality of it all.

2. There is no one film or play that I feel I must do before I die. I tend to let things come to me. I'm not much of a planner. I'd like to do more Shakespeare. I think working with people you respect and inspire you is more important. But I do think the scariest thing I could conquer now is singing in public.

3. Tony: I have never been in Muscle Beach Party. If it was from the sixties, I would have been a chubby preteen in a one piece.

4. Christina: Marg and I are friends. I am very happy for her success on CSI and I would love to work with her again. We do run into each other at various functions and I'm very fond of her husband Alan. The reason she is not on the Intimate Portrait is because I already had too many people who wanted to talk. Lifetime calls the shots on that. It is their edit also. I have no idea how it came out. It is a bit unnerving because they can piece it together however they wish.

5. Rob: It would be a challenge to play a blind person. Wait Until Dark comes to mind, or A Patch of Blue. It would require a good script. Not hokey. And Rob, thanks for the DVD. I look forward to it.

6. Mlcwriter: I think I prefer clean-shaven. I've kissed both. It depends upon the face. But I love the feel of a man who's just shaved.

7. Lynn: In The Right Temptation, when Rebecca touched my hair-that was improvised. We were playing with a bit of homoeroticism. I very much enjoyed playing with her. Mind, not body. Also, thank you for the book. The last time I read Sartre was in French class. It's beautiful.

8. Okay Reg. Here's the desert Island list. But don't hold me to it.
A Place In The Sun
In a Lonely Place
Funny Girl
The Lady Eve
The Big Heat
My Darling Clementine
Pandora's Box
Burt Bacharach Song Book
Elvis Costello- All this Useless Beauty
Any Sinatra from the Capitol Years Boy, that's hard.

Everyone have a great Halloween. See you on the other side.
Dana Delany / October 31, 2003
Well. Why say it once, when you can say it SIX times. Obviously, the format got screwed up. Sorry about that. If you can't decipher the top ten list, think of it as a riddle you have to figure out.

My apologies again.
Dana Delany / December 30, 2003
Happy New Year to all.

We've had a lively year on the message page. I look forward to many more. After the indulgence of Paris, I decided to stay home for a quiet (and less expensive) holiday. It's been great just hanging with friends and going to movies and yoga class. Still haven't gotten to cleaning the closet. Might just have to wait until next year. It's my least favorite task.

My favorite holiday movie was Something's Gotta Give. Maybe because I got to see Diane at the premiere and see her bask in the glow. But finally! A movie about a sexy smart funny middle-aged woman who actually looks her age(beautifully) and has sex! I know it's a chick flick but I was just happy it was made. And actually made money, too.

As for the question about Diane's perfume being vanilla- I have no idea. I'll get to the rest of the queries now. I did get to meet my childhood idol, Anne Francis. It was backstage at a benefit where I presented Harold Russell with an award. I totally gushed over her and she seemed bemused. She lives in Palm Springs now and drives into town for auditions still. Once an actor.... She was bemoaning the state of movies today: the langueage and sleaze. I just liked looking at her. She stills looks great and has that Honey West sass.

I think Reg included a passage from a Bruce Wagner novel. Bruce created the Wild Palms miniseries based on his comic strip in Details magazine. He is also the author of many fine novels. His latest is Still Holding. I am mentioned a few times in it. I think it is a wonderful book, but I'm warning you that it is not for the faint of heart. Anne Francis would not approve.

I have never played a musical instrument. I wish I did. When I was a kid I took dance lessons instead. And painting. My neice plays a mean sax and we all wonder where she got the talent. I would like to work on my singing, since it still scares me to sing in public.

It's been interesting to hear what everyone's favorite CB episodes are. When I recently laid a commentary track on Hello Goodbye for John Sacret Young (to go to the vets center at Sam Houston VA Hospital), it was the first time I'd seen it in since it aired. I think that has to be the ultimate epidode because it has so many flashbacks that reflect the whole series. Also, we all were in the groove by then. A few that come to mind are The Unquiet Earth, Where the Boys Are, the Christmas one, I Could Have Danced All Night, Through and Through, The World 1&2. I'm sure if I saw a random one now, it would take me by surprise. As you all know, I don't love watching myself. But enough time has passed, that it would seem like watching a younger sister. I was very surprised by the response to Juice. That was a real departure. It means something to me because we took chances. I loved the locations and the look of it. And I got to be tan, wear a long braid, leather and a miniskirt. And deal with snakes and crocs. Leave it to John Young to come up with all that. I think I actually ad libbed the line Time for Adventure.

Anyway, back to you. I am eternally grateful for your support and kindness. You are a loyal band of brothers and sisters. I am wishing you a great 2004. Remember that you create your world. It's not what happens to you, but how you choose to deal with it. I just have a feeling it's going to be a wild and wacky year.

Thanks for all you do.
Dana Delany / December 31, 2003
Ooops! I've been cleaning off my desk today and found some questions that I haven't answered. My apologies.

Abbie, my favorite makeup item is Nuskin skincare line. I've been using it for years. Given the chance, I'd never wear makeup.

Kelly, I've had bangs since I was a kid, so I think I got used to them. I have a small face so I feel like they frame it. But I like to get rid of them for different roles.

Elizabeth, I think it's pretty evident that my parent's divorce had a profound effect on me. Between that and growing up in the 70's, marriage has never been that important to me. But love is.

Sal, I know nothing about opera. I wish I knew more.

Lizzie, I had some teen acne, wore braces and was chubby. Thank God that's over.

Now, Reg, I will answer your Actor's Studio questions, but I have to think about them. I'll get back to you. Be conscious tonight everyone.

See you on the other side.
Dana Delany / June 17, 2004
Hello everyone.

It's been a while. I needed a little break. When I began studying acting over thirty years ago, I was taught that my job as an actor was to illuminate the human condition. I believe that if I am personally truthful in my work it will hopefully translate to a universal truth. Forgive me if that sounds heady or pretentious. Nowhere is an actor taught to be revealing of their personal life in public. If anything I think it can be detrimental because then the audience has a harder time projecting onto a neutral image. In this age of celebrity worship/destruction it is a fine line to walk. And I have not always succeeded.
After some hard lessons, I have learned to keep my privacy as best I can because that is my essential nature:a private person. Something like the Intimate Portrait is a contradiction, even in its name. Because in reality it follows a formula: childhood, obstacle, success. The key to any recent interview with me is this: how can I protect my family and friends who did not ask to be in the public eye? This is the reason for what might seem like short or flippant answers. Their life is nobody's business. They are my friends and I am fierce about their privacy.

Now on to the present....Yes, Baby4Sale will be airing on Lifetime on Jul 12. I met the real couple that it was based upon and theirs is a very moving story, full of altruism. I,myself, never knew that there was no federal law against selling babies to the highest bidder. Did you? There still isn't. We shot the film in Montreal which is a lovely city and has wonderful crews. However, I would like to see more legislation to help keep jobs at home. Maybe our new Governeur will do it.

I am leaving tomorrow to go to NYC to film an episode of Law and Order:SVU. They have been asking me for years and I finally agreed. It is an interesting script called Obscene. It deals with First Amendment rights and a Howard Stern type character. I think it presents both sides of the argument well. It is for their fall season. I look forward to working with Chris Meloni who is an old friend and Michael Boatman from China Beach! I believe Jeff Kober is shooting another episode at the same time, so it will be a mini-reunion.

Otherwise I look forward to the summer. It is my favorite time of year. Except that the lilacs in Montreal were pretty spectacular this spring. I kept a bunch in my trailer the last week of shooting. Heavenly.

Once again, I thank all of you for your kindness and interest. It does not go unappreciated.

Dana Delany / December 3, 2004
Hi everyone.

It's been a while. As you've all noticed I've been keeping busy doing a guest spot here and there. On both L&O:SVU and Boston Legal, friends of mine wrote the characters with me in mind so it was kind of fun. But mostly I'm doing that because I'm bored! I have been dealing with major repair work on my house, due to a water leak while I was in Montreal shooting Baby For Sale. I still have a gaping hole on the side of my house. And I've been developing a new television series for cable with two other women. I think it is an interesting idea and we have the network. Now we're getting the script right. It is a process that requires enormous patience. It's easier being an actor and just stepping into a role. But the long term benefits of being on the creative team are much greater. So I feel like I am rebuilding my foundation literally and figuratively.

I want to say that Reg has done a tremendous job in picking up where Francis left off. And I really appreciate all of your kind words towards Francis. He was ahead of the curve in starting this site and he always did it with dignity. Reg is more than a worthy successor. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, he's building a bridge to the 21st Century!

Thank you to you all for your support of Reg and to this site. It always warms my heart that all of you have hung in over the years. I hope that 2005 brings some work that merits your kindness.

Dana Delany / March 31, 2005
Hello everyone:

Been awhile. I'm in Toronto shooting "Kojak: the series" as they call it. It's nice to be back in T.O. I haven't been here since 2001 when I did "Conviction." It's a good city. I've only shot a couple of days, but it's been great; very nice cast and crew. And of course it's wonderful to be reunited with Ving Rhames again. I think I did one of his first movies, "Patty Hearst." I play Chazz Palminteri's wife. I feel like I'm surrounded by people who love what they do.

I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday greetings. And a special thank you to those who made a contribution to the Scleroderma Research Foundation. We had our first event in San Francisco in years and it was a big success; a great way to spend my birthday. I feel very fortunate to have such supportive friends, including all of you.

Dana Delany / May 14, 2005
To answer Mclwriter's questions:

1-Probably McMurphy was the character closest to me in essence. Of course, after awhile the writers start writing for you, addressing some of your own qualities and/or making fun of them.

2- I would still like to be in a comedic role. Not in a classic sitcom, but more like Curb Your Enthusiasm or a Jim Brooks movie.

3-Yes, I am still interested in directing. And producing. I am still trying to develop my own series in which I would star and produce. And I have an invitation to "trail" some director friends around.

4- My favorite designer is Prada. Her clothes seem like they are made for me. Unfortunately they are very expensive, but so beautiful and classic that I can't resist.

5- I studied ballet and then modern dance until I moved to NYC. A lot of Martha Graham and Doris Humphries. I agree with Hang Nor who said you must never forget to dance.

6- I like so many kinds of food: Italian, Mexican, Thai, French, Indian. As long as it's fresh ingredients and clean. My mother was a wonderful cook and I'm kind of a foodie.

7-Yes, my house is still under construction. It has been a pain in the ass for a year, but almost done. It leaks because it was never built properly. I think I could easily live in a hotel like Eloise. Room service and fresh sheets daily!

It is a beautiful day in California. I just got back from Hawaii where I relaxed and recovered from pneumonia that I caught in Toronto while shooting Kojak. If you look at my face in the second episode in the bathroom scene, you'll see it. I took to my bed that night and couldn't move for a week. When I'm dancing with Chazz, I am seven pounds lighter.

But all is good now and I'm happy to have my energy back. It is a gift to get up in the morning. I hope you're all having a beautiful spring. Thank you for all of your postings and thank you to Reg for all of his fantastic work. Blessings.
Dana Delany / July 18, 2005
Just a quick update for everyone.

This summer I am working with New York Stage and Film on two new plays. We rehearse for a week and then give staged readings. The first is "Rapture" by Joanna Murray Smith who is a wonderful Australian playwright. And then I am delighted to be working with John Patrick Shanley on his new play "Defiance." Some of you may know that John won the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony this year for his play "Doubt" which is now on Broadway. If you can, go see it.

I also was in Vancouver to do an episode of "The L Word." I don't want to give anything away, but I will tell you that all of my scenes were with Jennifer Beals and I play a Senator. Everyone treated me great and it was fun to be back in Vancouver with some of the old crew from "Pasadena."

Speaking of which, I am glad to see that "Pasadena" is finally being aired in the US. I've never seen Soapnet, but there's always a first time. You'll be able to see how much we predated "Desparate Housewives."

Oh, one more thing. Tim Daly and I reprised our Lois and Clark pairing on a new Superman animated movie coming out soon on DVD. I will never get tired of playing Lois and thank God that she stays young as I get older.

I just got back from a lovely whirlwind trip to England for the wedding of Jared Harris and Emilia Fox. Beautiful.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. And no, I don't have a tatoo.

Dana Delany / August 7, 2005
Happy Birthday to Reg Hunt tomorrow!

I hope you have a fabulous day and treat yourself to everything you desire. It was a pleasure to finally meet you up at Vassar. Thank you for all of your caring thoughtful work.

Dana Delany / January 2, 2006
Happy New Year to all.

I want to thank everyone for their kind support over the years. I check in more than you know and always enjoy reading your comments.

I have just arrived in New York City to finish shooting the pilot of "Kidnapped" for NBC. It is a wonderful script by Jason Smilovic. And the cast is unbelievable. Delroy Lindo, Linus Roche and Jeremy Sisto play the leads. The concept is that each season will be a different kidnapping that spills out over 22 episodes. I play the mother of the boy that is kidnapped the first season. I am lucky to have Tim Hutton playing my husband. It is fun to be in New York and work. A good change of pace for me and I get to see family and friends. Speaking of which, I did not write any dialogue in "Related" despite the very nice credit that Philippe gave to me. A friend of mine named Lee Rose directed the episdoe and asked me to come play. They would like me back for one more. The ghost of Mom never leaves us.

And FYI, that "Thirtysomething" episode was written by Paul Haggis who I'm sure will be nominated again this year for an Academy Award. Paul wrote the episode with me in mind, having worked together on "Sweet Surrender," my long forgotten sit-com. He also created the part in "Family Law' that I did. A very talented man. In fact I spent last evening at his house for New Year's Eve. A group of us held a peace-in in Santa Monica. We all wrote on boards one thing that we would do towards peace this year. It's an interesting idea to think about. It could mean any peace of any kind.

I also need to thank the estimable Reg Hunt for keeping this site going in such a classy way. I am grateful.

In appreciation of you all.

Dana Delany / January 8, 2006
I feel compelled to write after reading Lynn's message. I am honored to have been any part of your recovery. My best friend is a breast cancer survivor. She used to call it "Spanish Dancer" and taught me about humor above all. I'm so glad you got to see your children grow into adulthood with all its twists and turns. I've just spent the day with my 19 year old niece and I am thrilled to know her. She is my greatest teacher. Somehow she rose above the family tree.

For Yasmine, I would like to say, do what makes you happy. It is your choice. "Who's Life Is It, Anyway?" to quote a play title. In my path, I never cared about being a star, I just wanted, no- needed, to be an actor.

And yes, I grew up with cats, not dogs. I think I am feline, through and through.

"Kidnapped" continues to be a gas.
Dana Delany / April 14, 2006
Before a month has passed, I want to thank all of you for your many birthday wishes. As you know, this was a big one. And I have to say, 50 is good. I am more appreciative about life than ever and believe that anything is possible. And I worry a lot less about what other people think.

I spent the week before my bday in Arizona on a spiritual retreat which was a wonderful way to start the year. On my day I had dinner with friends at Spago in Beverly Hills. The next weekend one of my best friends threw me a big party with friends from all areas of my life: high school, east coast, family and work. It was a magical night and the room seemed to levitate with love. I am blessed.

I also want to thank those who made a contribution to the Scleroderma Research Foundation in my name. It was the only thing I wanted for my bday. We had our latest fundraiser last week in LA and it was a big success. Hopefully one day we won't have to hold one anymore.

And yes! I am very excited about moving to NYC and starting "Kidnapped." We should begin filming in June and on the air in late summer. Unfortunately I won't be able to do "King Lear" but I hope to work with Patsy Rodenberg another time. She is a shaman when it comes to Shakespeare.

Thank you all for your interest and kindness.

Dana Delany / August 6, 2006
Happy Birthday Reg!

I don't know how many candles should be on the cake, but I want everyone to know that it is the birthday of webmaster extraordinaire Reg Hunt. I owe him endless thanks and gratitude and I only wish that August 7 is a day of bounty and joy for him.

Happy Bday dear Reg.

Dana Delany / October 9, 2006
Hello everyone:

I wanted to give you the inside scoop on what's happening with "Kidnapped." We are shooting the full 13 order. And yes, we are being moved to Saturdays at 9 pm. For whatever reason, we did not get the numbers needed to continue in this world of so many viewing choices. If enough people tune in, the show can continue. However, the kidnapping of Leopold Cain will be wrapped up by episode 13. I urge you to stay tuned as Jason Smilovic has concluded the story with great intricacy and elegance. You will not be disappointed.

I have really enjoyed being on "Kidnapped" and I am proud of the show. It is a group of people who are dedicated to doing quality work. I have also loved being back in New York City. It was a dream of mine to live in Greenwich Village and have a job, so it's all been a gift for me.

Who knows what the future holds? I hope to be able to spend more time here in New York. It has been great for me to reconnect with old friends and family.

Thank you for being so supportive. I like to think that the viewers we did get included you.

Dana Delany / December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas everyone!

I am home in sunny California and it feels good. Something about palm trees at xmas always makes me smile. I am sitting in my house drinking coffee and feeling so grateful for another year of adventure. "Kidnapped" began a year ago and has now come to an end. It has been a great ride. As you can see from all of Reg's hard work, I had a lot of fun in New York. That city just demands that you take a bite out of it. I was lucky to meet a whole new bunch of friends and taste everything the city had to offer. But even better was my experience on "Kidnapped." Even though the show never found it's audience, we remained a close knit group who believed in the work until the last day of shooting. I learned so much working with that group of actors. Especially Tim Hutton who constantly strove to make things more complex and human.

Today I am visiting with my LA friends whom I have missed. And then I am heading to Jeremy Sisto's for a little xmas cheer. But right now I listen to the late great departed James Brown sing "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto" and feel fortunate. You have all been incredibly gracious and supportive. It's a gift that I am thankful for all year long. And of course to the inimitable Reg Hunt- you might be the hardest working man in show business now.

Happy Holidays to you all.
Dana Delany / August 7, 2007
I will be on the DH set tomorrow at 5:30 am so I wanted to post this tonight.


You have done an extraordinary job on the site this year. I have nothing but gratitude for you and I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Do whatever the heck you feel like today~it belongs to you.

Dana Delany / December 25, 2007
Merry Christmas to each and every one.

I hope that you are all surrounded by family and friends today. My sister Corey and I are in Buenos Aires. It is my first visit here. We had a delightful Christmas eve dinner last night with Argentinian wines. Today we are headed to the famed Alvear Hotel for a traditional late lunch. The rest of the week will be spent sight seeing and shopping. I look forward to discovering the city. So far it is an interesting mix of Europe and South America. We then head to Uruguay to the beach for New Year's. I feel so lucky to spend some time with my sister. She is one of my favorite people and a great traveling companion.

My wish for the New Year is that the writer's strike is settled. The issues being discussed affect actors also so I am in complete support of the writers. But is has been hard on a lot of people in our business. Also, I just miss going to work! I was beginning to get into the groove of being on Desperate Housewives and then we shut down. I have had a wonderful year professionally for which I am very grateful. I have gotten to work in every area- indie films, theater and a hit series! And I have also gotten to spend a lot of time in New York where I now have an apartment. Doing Kidnapped there last year started a whole new adventure for me.

I have also gotten to see Reg quite a bit in New York. That has been a delight. As you know, he works very hard on this page on his own time. So thank you Reg- I had no idea you were a disco king! And thanks to all of you for your interest and support. Some of you have been posting on this page for many years and you feel like old friends. I raise a glass of Malbec for an authentic 2008.
Dana Delany / August 17, 2008
Hi everyone. I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I last left a message. I don't know who has been busier- me or Reg.

This is the first weekend that I have had free in some time. We are already shooting episode 4 of Desperate Housewives. And since we began shooting back in July, there has been some PR thing or photo shoot every weekend. I very happily spent all day yesterday cleaning out my bathroom cabinets. Heaven!

As you heard from Reg, I didn't get much of a break during our hiatus. I went to Europe for the show, which was a combination of work and fun. I brought my sister with me and we went to Monte Carlo and London and then I went on to Tuscany. It was the first time that I realized what a huge hit DH is. I spoke to press from all over the world. It seems to appeal to people of different cultures, sexes, ages and sexual orientation. I was constantly asked why I think it is such a success. All I could say was that sometimes it's better to just leave it a mystery.

I have also been very involved in all of my charity work. I think that the Stand Up 2 Cancer show on September 5 will be amazing. The producer, Laura Ziskin is a friend of mine and she is a breast cancer survivor. She is a dynamo! There is not one of us who is not affected by cancer in some way.

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments these past few months. I so appreciate all of the regulars and it's nice to see the new names. I have two questions that I want to address. On a frivolous note, the fish skirt that I was wearing in INstyle magazine is an old Prada. I don't think they make it anymore. And more seriously, I am sorry to hear about anyone suffering from Scleroderma. There has been great progress in treatment in recent years. We don't have a cure but the quality of life for patients is better. The Scleroderma Research Foundation has funded a center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore MD. A doctor named Fred Wigley runs it. He is a wonderful man and if anyone can get to see him, I recommend it.

I am hoping to get to the Democratic Convention in Denver next week, but I'm not sure if shooting will permit it. But do look for all of the ladies from DH at the Emmys in September. We will be presenting en masse.

That's it for now. I'm glad that many of you remembered Reg's bday. He deserves the best. And thank you all for your kindness. I am grateful.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!
Dana Delany / December 24, 2008
What a blessing this year has been! I start with the election of Barack Obama as our new President and I end with the wonderful Reg Hunt who has (hard to believe) made this site even better. But in between there is all of you. One of the biggest gifts of being on Desperate Housewives has been the pleasure of hearing from so many people from around the world. Our little family has suddenly become very chic and international! And I love the welcoming kindness that every newcomer receives. A special nod to Val for that.

We finished shooting our last episode before the holidays today. My sister is coming out to LA tonight and we will celebrate together. You all know how much I love my sister. Then I am off to Hawaii for a few days of rest and rejuvenation. There is something about the air there that always touches my soul.

We all have so much to be thankful for. Despite the hard times economically, I feel a sense of great hope for 2009. There will be a chance for more heart and less ego. We are all connected and need to authentically support one another. Let our own actions be an example of kindness.

Thank you and Happy New Year to you all.
Dana Delany / January 22, 2009
Dear friends:

For all of you interested in the debate over the "Global Gag Rule" please read this article: npr.org

I respect anyone's right to be for or against abortion. I personally feel that it is a private difficult decision, not to be regulated by the state. The Global Gag Rule limits access to birth control which then leads to more abortions. It just doesn't make sense.

Dana Delany / July 15, 2009
Happy Bastille Day. And forty years since man walked on the moon. Most of you probably weren't even born then. But I remember walking on the beach in Florida as a girl of thirteen and looking up at the night sky in wonder. I still feel that way.

Yesterday was our first day back on Desperate Housewives and it was good to be there. Now that I'm in my third season, it really does feel like a family. That's one of the best things about working in television. Everyone shared their vacation stories and then it was back to work. I'm not going to give anything away- but even I was surprised. Marc wrote a wonderful script. And Drea de Mateo and Jeffrey Nordling(whom I worked with on True Women) are going to be excellent additions to the Lane. I think most of you are going to be happy.

As for my vacation, it was all too brief. Ireland was great fun and the people could not have been kinder. We had glorious weather. Not only was I Ryan Turbridy's final guest(an honor) but I got to experience my first pub lock-in as we celebrated their last night. You locals will have to explain what that is. Let's just say, I did see the sun come up.

After that it was London and New York for theater. My favorites were Michael Urie(Ugly Betty) in The Temperamentals and Hair on Broadway. My first date at the age of 14 was at Hair Off-Broadway so it was a gas for me. And yes- I did go up and dance on stage. Wouldn't have missed it!

I hope that you are all having a good summer. It's my favorite time of year. Thank you for your support from all over the world. It's our own little International House of Pancakes. And hasn't Reg done a beautiful job with the website? By the way, I agree with you about the make-up. When I'm not working, I don't wear any.

I feel so lucky to get to do what I love. You help make that possible.
Dana Delany / August 12, 2009
Hello everyone.

Because we live in such a fast paced world of information (for better or worse) I want to make it clear that I do not participate in any social networking sites. That includes Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. This is the only website with which I associate. The Dana Delany Official Website has been around for a long time thanks to you all and it's the only one I need.

Dana Delany / August 14, 2009
Hi again.

I want to add that several of my friends have been bamboozled by imposters pretending to be me. I don't want that to happen to any of you. That is why, this is the only site on which I post messages. If I choose to do otherwise, I will let you know. Thank you for your understanding.

Dana Delany / November 26, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving to all, including our international family.

I have so much to be grateful for- a fun job, wonderful friends, my health and a new apartment! But I am truly thankful that my job has introduced me to all of you. I do read the posts here regularly and I am amazed at the connections that have been made. I have a friend that calls me "the connector" and I'm beginning to think that's true. If this site has helped you to find a common bond with someone across the globe, then that's grand. That's the "good" side of the internet as opposed to all the darkness that seems to be online.

I also want to say that I am constantly impressed with some of the insight in your comments. And the gentle humanity that connects us all. I am grateful for that every day, not just this one.

I know that I am extremely fortunate. Thank you. Have a wonderful day and enjoy that pumpkin pie- it's my favorite!

Dana Delany / November 27, 2009
And of course, I am grateful for Reg Hunt EVERY day of the year!
Dana Delany / January 3, 2010
Happy 2010!

I have been in Palm Springs with friends(including my wonderful sister) relaxing and having fun. At the stroke of midnight we were all skinny dipping in a glamorous pool looking over the lights of the city. Can't beat that as a way to start the year!

I think my theme for this year is freedom. A reminder that we always have choice in our lives even when we don't think so. Sometimes it's just a matter of looking at things differently and we feel liberated. And empowered. My wish is to see clearly(myself included) that we are responsible for our lives. Life is short- get out and live yours as you choose! And be grateful that you have the opportunity.

And let me please thank you all again for being so supportive of my work. I think, besides my friends, my favorite things in life are yoga and acting. Nothing makes me happier. There are days when they are both hard but I always learn and grow and feel lucky that I get to practice.

Blessings to you all.
PS: The ring is aquamarine, nothing fancy- but I like it.
PPS: Isn't Reg the greatest?
Dana Delany / March 14, 2010
Wow. What a fantastic bday! I didn't get up until 4 pm today so I know it was good.

But the best gift was receiving all of your messages from our International House of Pancakes. In no particular order: Belarus, Poland, England, Canada, Mexico, Port Charlotte, Brazil, Germany, China, Israel, France, Finland, Romania, Holland, Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Jordan-Amman, Egypt, Estonia, Sweden, Georgia, and Suriname. And of course from the good old US of A, Florida, Texas, California, Arkansas(hi Val), Delaware, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Rhode Island.

And John Spielmann gets a special thanks for remembering all of those ladies that I have known over the years. I hope that I get a chance to meet many more. Right now I'm getting to know Dr Megan Hunt and she is turning out to be an interesting character. I hope you'll all get to meet her next fall.

Meantime it is cold and rainy here but a pretty town with great New Englanders. And my meal at Al Forno last night was superb! If you're ever in Providence, don't miss it.

Thank you for remembering me. And double thanks to all who made contributions to The Scleroderma Research Foundation. It is much appreciated. I am humbled. Love to you all.

Dana Delany / July 6, 2010
Happy 4th of july to all of those here at home, and happy summer to those abroad, except of course our southern hemisphere friends.

I am typing with one hand because, I got hit by a bus. Literally! My car was totaled and I am lucky that i only broke two fingers. It was a great lesson in humanity. The woman behind me who was honking incessantly for me to turn, left the scene of the accident without bothering to see if I was ok. And yet a total stranger sat with me for an hour and then drove me home. She was my angel. The fact that the bus driver asked for my autograph after plowing into me, I am choosing to ignore. As I said, I am lucky to be alive.

A further irony is that my character in "body of proof" has a car accident in the pilot and her hands go numb. Let's hope that all I have are fingers that will heal.

The next day I observed an autopsy with our wonderful tech advisor. It was a privilege and utterly fascinating. We are given these machines (our bodies) that work in the most miraculous of ways. How could we not take care of them? I, for one, feel like it is a gift that we must honor. And if anyone out there smokes- stop!

I am heading to RI in a week or so. It feels a bit daunting- like starting college in a new town. Buying sheets and towels and all that- but it's the adventures that keep us engaged.

Thanks for being such regular members of the IHOP! I actually mentioned you all when I accepted the audience award for Desperate Housewives in Monte Carlo. It's you that make my work possible. And as you know, I love what I do.

Take care- and watch out for busses running yellow lights! Life is precious.

Dana Delany / August 7, 2010
Hello to all from Providence!

Don't forget to wish Reg(webmaster extraordinaire)a Happy Birthday today. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you who are all over the world. And Reg- a big kiss from me and heartfelt thanks. You're the best!
Dana Delany / October 30, 2010
Hello from Providence!

I'm sorry that it's been a while since I've posted a message. I don't think I have ever worked this hard in my life! I feel very fortunate to be the lead in a new series, but man-o-man!

It has been some time since I've been on a new show. I have really enjoyed seeing the characters and stories develop. Hopefully Body of Proof will be a mystery every week mixed with the personal stories of the people working at the medical examiner's office. We have a wonderful group of actors. Because we all encamped to Providence we have bonded in our new home town. It's a fun city with a very creative vibe. Tonight I expect to see lots of wild Halloween costumes on the streets.

The most fun for me has been learning all of the medical stuff. The crew laugh when they see how excited I get over using a buzz saw on a cranium or playing with organs! I am learning so much about the body. The hardest part is saying all of the medical terms. It is a completely new language. Thank God for Google.

The latest we have heard from ABC is that we will be on mid-season. So we will film 13 episodes here and then go home for Christmas. After that we will have time to publicize the show. And then, who knows? I have been working long enough to know that it's always a crapshoot. I just enjoy the work and the people. Dr Megan Hunt has turned out to be a wonderful character who has a lot of dimension. She can be both ornery and tender, but most of all smart. But all of the characters have something fun to offer. The show has a lot of humor and heart.

I am off to another great Providence dinner with some of the cast and crew. And then some much needed sleep. When I am not shooting, I am learning lines for the next day, so there's not a lot of rest to be had. But when I feel myself get cranky, I remind myself that I get to do what I love. How great is that?

Thank you once more for all of your wonderful messages. I still read them regularly, even if I don't have time to respond. And I just love that they come from all over the world. As a person who adores traveling, it is a dream come true. You're the best!

Dana Delany / December 31, 2010
Happy New Year to the IHOP!

I've never been a huge fan of the holiday; it seems made for amateurish bad behavior. But I am a believer in ritual and marking of time. And I do love a heartfelt celebration. So I would like to take this time to say how constantly amazed and grateful I am for all of you.

I so enjoy reading your comments from around the world. This forum is a wonderful testament to the possible kindness of people. We read so much negativity online and yet somehow, thanks to Reg and you, we have created a community that spans the globe. I think it shows how we are all connected as human beings. Despite cultural differences there is a common thread of sincerity and care. It makes me especially happy that some of you have managed to get in touch away from the forum and actually visited each other!

In keeping with that, for the first time in network television(I think) Body of Proof will premiere overseas before it runs in the US! I am traveling to Madrid and London at the end of January to promote the show. It will then premiere in the states March 29 after Dancing with the Stars. So all of our European IHOP will have a BOP head start!

I am happy to be home after 6 months in Providence. But I grew to really love that city. My sister is with me for the holiday. We are going to Geoffrey Arend's house for a party tonight. He is on BOP and very funny. And then I am taking myself to Hawaii for a week of doing NOTHING. I look forward to sleeping in and reading with the tropical breezes wafting. And maybe a little scuba diving with the dolphins if I'm lucky.

I wish you all a peaceful 2011. Dare to be who you really are. After having had the privilege of witnessing 4 autopsies now, I am once again reminded that this life we have been given is a gift. It's up to us to live it with respect and authenticity.

Thank you Reg. Thank you people.

Dana Delany / March 16, 2011
Hello gang

I am in the desert taking care of myself before the onslaught of BOP PR. It's going to be a busy few weeks.

For everyone overseas who has already seen the show(how crazy is that?) I really appreciate your comments. It's kind of strange being in limbo here in the States. But blissfully hopeful. Some of us shot a secret video spoof of the show. Once it runs viral, I think you'll get a kick out of it.

And as for Twitter, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I like a bit more depth in my conversation. But I can see how useful it can be for getting a message out there and how easily people get swept up in it.

As Reg said: this is home to me. Many of you have been posting for a long time. And the birthday greetings were so beautiful. Thank you from the right ventricle of my heart(BOP talk). The IHOP rules!

Lots more to come...
Dana Delany / April 14, 2011
Hi everyone.

I'm someone who loves alliteration, anagrams and rhymes. I don't know whether to call you the IHOP or the or the IHOP of BOP or BOPpers or WHAT anymore. Any suggestions? How about just you wonderful people.

I have been feeling remiss because it's been one month since my birthday and I have not properly thanked all of you. So many of you(and you know who you are) sent contributions in my name to the Scleroderma Research Foundation. It was incredibly thoughtful and generous of you. There are thousands of people who owe you thanks, not just me.

And also thank you for giving Body of Proof such a great start in the ratings. ABC has been and still is very supportive of the show. We can thank you for tuning in and telling all of your friends. Maybe you have made new friends in the process. Because, as you know...I am The Connector. Wouldn't that be a fun super hero?

Gracias, merci, obrigada, danke, grazie. Please teach me how to say thank you in your language. That would be a fun thing to know.

Dana Delany / July 17, 2011
I LOVED the Danimals video! I truly have the best fans in the world. For so many reasons. First of all, I am extremely impressed by your technical prowess. I have been in front of a camera for years and I could not have done that. Secondly, I adore that the videos came from all over the world. The IHOP rules! But most of all I love that all of you had the spirit and fun and joi de vivre to just make a fool of yourself in the best sense! It made me laugh and yes, it made me cry.

Years ago I worked with a beautiful man named Haing Ngor on "China Beach." He had been in the movie "The Killing Fields." He was also a doctor who had been a victim of the Khmer Rouge massacre. I asked him how, after all the horror that he had witnessed, he could still laugh. Because I saw in him a still hopeful spirit. And he told me, "You must never forget to dance." Well, as you all know, I love to dance so that just lifted me for the rest of my life.

And now you are part of that continuum. I also have to give a special mention to Joao from Brazil for being the only dude! C'mon guys- it's fun to be silly.

I am honored to know you all. And a big thank you to Alexis and Lynette for putting it all together. The music was perfect and the graphics were funny. I see a new career ahead for both you . As Amy from PA said, "Holy snot!"

Now if I can get Dick White to film my happy dance on set....hmmmm.
Dana Delany / September 18, 2011
One of our Twitter friends @Sanchordia asked for French film recommendations.I put it out to the twitterverse and everyone left great suggestions! I have compiled them into this list. I cannot vouch for them because I have only seen about half, so enjoy and good luck. If you have any to add, please do. Nothing like a good French film and a glass of Burgundy.

L'Huitieme Jour
Manon of the Spring
La Femme Nikita
Hiroshima Mon Amour
Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)
Largo Winch II
The Chorus
A Very Long Engagement
Hors de Prix
The Inside
The Big Blue
Jules et Jim
Betty Blue
Sarah's Key
La Tourneuse de Pages
Catherine Flot
Mr Hulot's Holiday
Jean de Feurette
Day for Night
400 Blows
Les Visiteurs
Les Tontons Flingeurs
L'Auberge Espagnole
Fauteuils d'Orchestre
Huit Femmes
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele
Blanc Sec
French Twist
Hidden Love
Villa Amalia
White Material
Les Soeurs Fachees
I Loved You So Long

Please forgive misspellings.
Dana Delany / October 25, 2011
Quick bit of info for Lynn:

The glasses Ethan wears are a couple of years old, but here is the make and style numbers:

Lindberg T50-T45 -Cal.k50-no. 061/Baa Spirit titanium

Hope that helps!

Off to bed. Long day.
Dana Delany / February 26, 2012
2011. What a year! I will think of it as the year the IHOP entered the Twitter-verse. I think we have all navigated the waters very well and picked up a few Danimals from distant shores along the way. Who knows where our next adventure will take us?

As a relatively private ("All outer access and inner reserve"- yes Alexis) person, I was a bit trepidatious about Twitter. But what I have come to realize is, it will mold to whatever you want it to be. And pretty much reflect who you are in 140 characters. I'm not a numbers person. I don't care how many people follow me. I want them to be there for a reason. And the best one I have found is the human interconnection.

People log on from all over the world. And what do we find? We are all pretty much the same. Scared and hopeful and basically kind. How great is that? And how wonderful to meet someone from South Africa or Australia or India or Iowa who has the same dreams that you do? Who will talk to you at 3am when you can't sleep or are feeling sad?

I am so happy and honored to have been a small connector in all of your meeting each other. You have carried the ball and made friendships that I hope will last for a long time. It has given me great joy to get to learn a little bit about each of your lives. I have seen sorrow and success and been amazed at the grace with which you support one another.

And you have been more than kind and generous to me. Some of you send me beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gifts. You know who you are, I won't single you out for your own privacy. But thank you. The holidays can be stressful and I am touched that you took the time to include me.

I am wishing everyone a peaceful and passionate 2012. I know astrologically it's going to be a wild ride, so fasten your seat belts. And please continue to look out for one another across the globe. It's up to us.

With love and respect.
Dana Delany / February 26, 2012
I'm writing this as I wing to NYC. God bless wifi.

This weekend I spent the afternoon answering fan mail. There were a few letters from people apologizing if they had offended me on Twitter. And wanted to know if that is why I don't respond to them more often. I was baffled. One piece of advice that has helped me in recent years is, "Take nothing personally." You can never know what another person is thinking and it's usually not about you. The only way to find out is to ask, so I appreciate your letters. The answer is "no." My responses are always random and in the moment. I try not to play favorites as I find everyone valuable on Twitter. If I find someone unnecessarily offensive, I will block them. Sometimes if someone is having a specific problem, I will help as best I can but I certainly don't have all the answers. "I'm not a Dr, but I play one on TV." And in my experience, Drs are only human too.

One comment I see a lot is, "I'm bored, unhappy, having a bad day. Can you cheer me up?" I do not respond to those. I am not a performing seal. Another lesson I have learned is that it is our job to cheer ourselves up. Figure out what makes you happy. Learn to self-soothe. A walk, meditation, bath, book, movie or a good friend. This is something that will carry you your whole life.

I appreciate the community on Twitter. But I will always value this forum. When I am working, it's easier to be on my iPad from the set. As you can imagine I'm barely holding on to the dialogue, let alone an in-depth conversation. But now that Body of Proof is on a break, it's nice to come back here. Thank you to Reg for keeping it alive.

And thank you to all of you for supporting Body of Proof. We have some kick-ass episodes coming up, so stay tuned!

With love and respect,