Actress Dana Delany campaigns for Clinton

By Christinia Crippes / September 12, 2016
© Matthew Putney
Actress Dana Delany, fresh off a starring role in TV drama "China Beach," met now-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton while the pair campaigned for Bill Clinton's presidential bid in 1992. In introducing the then-potential first lady, Delany would say, "This is the woman I want to be when I grow up."

Though separated by a little over eight years in age, Delany saw in Hillary Clinton a woman she thought could someday run for president, someone who could speak intelligently on any subject without notes and with a sense of humor and humanity.

"I still feel that way, and now 24 years later, she's running," Delany said to a crowd of about two dozen in Waterloo on Monday. "I am glad that it's now, that it's happening right now, because I don't think the country was ready then, and I think she's better than ever now."
© Matthew Putney
Delany, who also had a role in "Desperate Housewives," made her first trip to Iowa to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton's bid for presidency.

Though it was organized as a "women win" event, Delany didn't focus much on why Clinton is good for women but rather on why Clinton is the most qualified candidate. Delany didn't mention the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but she said she was inspired to call the Clinton campaign and get involved after feeling ill at the rhetoric from the Republican National Convention.

That offer to get involved brought her to Iowa on Monday, where she also made stops in Mason City and Cedar Rapids.

Delany said she's not worried Clinton will lose in the actress' home states of New York and California, but she said people there are watching what happens in Iowa. Clinton has been locked in a dead heat with Trump in Iowa, where a poll Monday showed him edging her by 1 percentage point.

After hearing local field organizers stress the importance of voting for Democrats throughout the ticket, Delany also encouraged Iowans to vote out longtime U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, particularly for his role in preventing a vote on the Supreme Court nominee as Senate Judiciary chairman.

"That affects me, and all of us personally, but as a woman, that really affects me," Delany said, referring to abortion rights.

Grassley is facing a general election challenge from Democrat Patty Judge.