Dana Delany Did Horse Therapy With Chloe Webb to Prep for Tulsa King

Horse girls, rise up. Tulsa King star Dana Delany had a change of heart about horses in order to play Margaret, an equestrian in the Sylvester Stallone–starring Paramount+ series Tulsa King. 

“When I was a kid, a horse rolled on me, and I just have this fear,” she told Vulture TV writer Jen Chaney at Vulture Festival 2022. “So here’s my little story: Chloe Webb, who was in China Beach with me, has become a horse therapist. She uses horses to do emotional therapy, and she’s fantastic at it.”
Delany decided to go to Malibu for a session, which involved talking to a horse rather than getting on it. Webb explained to her former co-star that horses have been around since prehistoric times and that they “feel everything” in order to survive as prey.
“I just started weeping like a baby,” Delany recalled. “And I felt this kinship with this horse because she’s saying, you know, women are prey too and this is how we’ve had to survive and use our emotional intelligence. And so I just thought, Oh my God, the horse is as scared as I am, and I really got over it. I ride in the show!” What can’t a day in Malibu cure?

Source: Vulture